Climate Foundation Skive develops projects that contribute to solving national and global climate, energy, and environmental challenges

Sustainable transformation – helping the local business community to grow.

At Climate Foundation Skive, we develop projects that contribute to solving climate, energy, and environmental challenges.

We believe in, and work to promote:

  • green transition initiatives through viable and sustainable business development
  • business opportunities through bio-industrial symbioses that cut across sectors and industries
  • solutions to local challenges – with national and international replicability

Organized as a foundation, we serve as a partner that is:

  • leading in the field​
  • independent
  • commercial in our approach
  • free of vested interests, financially and otherwise

Our strategic outlook is divided by the four primary focus areas below.

Industry and

Bioeconomy and agriculture

Circular economy, plastics, and renewal

Transport and

We facilitate and participate in a wide range of collaborative efforts and partnerships

Public and private organizations, with local interaction

Danish foundations and research environments

Projects spanning a variety of industries, sectors, and geographical boundaries

Our lighthouse project

Above all, we aim to create the best possible conditions for a primary production sector that is sustainable and intensive – to secure Denmark’s supplies of food and energy.


That is why our purpose is to assist companies across sectors to co-create and share resources and residual flows.


Our goal is to develop and demonstrate healthy, financially viable circular business models – and, in doing this, to identify and bridge regulatory barriers. In short, we want to create solutions that are both environmentally and economically sustainable.


It is our ambition to create and develop collaborations in the form of “living labs”, where research and innovation processes are genuinely integrated, and where we can see them at work in real life. We want to show that living labs can act and react as open, iterative ecosystems.

Develop and demonstrate circular business models

  • Calculating value chains across companies and industries
  • Matching businesses in agriculture, bioeconomy, and other sectors
  • Serving as a meeting point for businesses – from start-up through the investment phase to implementation

Identify and resolve regulatory challenges

  • Identifying legislation that obstructs sustainable solutions that have positive environmental effects
  • Dialoguing with local and national Danish authorities about the need for development of legislation and regulation

Set up living labs to test climate solutions

  • Showcasing high-profile agricultural, environmental and climate-related issues that point to the Limfjord catchment area as a relevant living lab
  • Testing and demonstrating new, large-scale sustainable solutions
    - Gaining actual operating experience
    - Creating a knowledge base for new regulations
    - Identifying the need for new research

Please, reach out and let us know how we can help you. Climate Foundation Skive – connecting businesses and people for a sustainable future.

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Project Director
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